our story

The Story of Us began in 2014.  We met while completing our respective post-secondary programs – Tayne studying illustration at Sheridan College and Ashley design at Sheridan College and York University.  

During these early years we spent our time together, side-by-side, practicing our skills and working on our own individual projects.  In 2016, we bravely decided to combine our talents and boldly built a business together. In 2017 we decided to take our partnership to the next level when Tayne proposed – stay tuned for wedding pics!  

Tayne & Ashley is a business born out of creativity, purpose, a passion for good design, hard work, and love – values that define us as both business owners and inspired individuals.

Photography by  Ariana DelMundo

Photography by Ariana DelMundo

about tayne

Illustrator, cycling enthusiast, dog whisperer and burrito connoisseur.


Tayne Wyatt is a genius illustrator who has developed a signature style that has become synonymous with the Tayne & Ashley brand. Tayne obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious Sheridan College Illustration program.

Photography by  Ariana DelMundo

Photography by Ariana DelMundo

about ashley

Full-stack designer, hand letterer, tea fanatic and animal lover.

Ashley Giudice is the design-brains of the operation and enjoys working with a diverse range of dynamic clients to craft the beautiful, custom pieces Tayne & Ashley has become known for.

Ashley is a full stack 9-5 graphic and web designer, and graduate of York University and Sheridan College’s joint Bachelor of Design program.