5 things they don’t warn you about when planning a wedding - I really wish i listened to #4

Your engaged! Congratulations! Now before you post that gorgeous picturesque shot of the proposal and your new sparkly rock all over the interwebs... take some time for just you and your new fiancé to cherish those first few moments. It’s like your little secret and your floating along in your perfect little love bubble.


1 | Telling close family and friends

The first thing you’ll want to do is share the good news with your close knit circle. You definitely don’t want Nonna to find out about your new relationship status over Facebook - or through the grape vine. Word travels fast. Prepare for it by telling those close to you first, and preferably in person. If in person isn’t an option - Skype or FaceTime. If that’s not an option, pick up the phone and call them! There’s nothing better then seeing their reaction play out. Now - keep in mind - not everyone will have the “best” positive reaction. Engagements like any major life event news, can bring out the BEST and the WORST in those with love.

No matter what - DO NOT let anyone burst your bubble. Stay in that damn bubble. Float on that happy love cloud! The love of your life, your best friend, just asked you to spend the rest of your life with them! Soak it in. Don’t let anyone pop it.

2 | go ahead - share those perfect proposal pics

Ok be prepared - everyone and anyone, will start liking, sharing and commenting on your pic/post. But also be prepared for those you thought would jump to the occasion but instead give you crickets. Again - engagements will bring out the best and worst out of people. You might find that acquaintances and long lost friends will come out of the woodwork. Be prepared and again don’t let anyone burst that bubble babe.

3 | the first thing people will ask is

When’s the big day? Have you picked a date yet? Are you sure you want to wait that long. Are you sure you can plan a wedding by then? Don’t you want to start having kids? Why would you get a dog. The list goes on and on. For us - we used a very simple line “we are enjoying this time as a newly engaged couple and have not set a date yet”.

4 | people will have opinions

Don’t listen to them. Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your fiancé. If you want to have a small intimate wedding then do that! Invite who you want. Do what you want. Plan what you want. You will have a billion opinions - from your parents, your future in-laws, your friends, your second cousins neighbours’ half sisters boyfriend. No matter what - stick to your guns. If you have family members wanting to contribute financially, thank them, but don’t feel the need to plan out the wedding THEY want.

5 | Stay strong together

Friends, family members, and acquaintances will all have opinions. No matter what — at the end of the day, and what is most important, is that you are marrying your best friend and the love of your life. A wedding is one day. A marriage is a lifetime. Have fun planning the wedding together. Go out to those wedding shows together and make a game out of it — take notes, divide and conquer and then narrow down your findings together. Most importantly, remember that teamwork makes the dream work.