Why I bullet journal & how it’s helped me stay accountable

Why i bullet journal & how it’s helped me stay accountable

I remember going to Chapters Indigo and just gushing over their cute planners - Ban.do and Kate Spade have my heart. Unfortunately though - I always found myself getting stuck in that rut of not using them to their full potential. When I was working my 9-5 desk job and balancing that #sidehustlelife, I found that those conventional planners never served me well. I always found it such a challenge to cram in all the details of my own business into those tiny little weekend slots. Or going back to the back in the “notes” section to jot down my production list for the evening. Months would go by and I would have fallen off track long ago. Before I new it the year was half over and I was onto the next pretty planner convinced this one would work for me.

Then - I found out about The Bullet Journal. I’m not being dramatic when I say - this system literally changed my life. I started by taking a workshop in Toronto with Embiria and Via Calligraphy. I quickly realized that if I wanted a planner to work for me - I had to customize my “spreads” to work for me (not against me like all the others). There was some trial and error in this method but I quickly learned what worked and what didn’t and would rework my weekly and monthly spreads to suite my lifestyle and needs.

I’m also a huge nerd when it comes to tracking things (thanks to Information Design back in Design School - shout out to Marianne and that consumption project!). Visualizing data has always been so satisfying to me. Knowing that I could actually incorporate this into my bullet journaling practice was a total game changer.

I get a lot of people asking me “isn’t is time consuming making up those spreads?”, “I could never make mine look as pretty as yours”, “I can’t do calligraphy or write pretty like that”, “how do you have time to do all that”. The answer - I set aside some time on Sunday to take a peak of my week ahead. I then map out my weekly spread and jot down my priorities for the week. My bullet journal has also become a tool for consistently practicing my lettering and doodles. By all means - you don’t have to make it “pretty”.

The Bullet Journal method was originally developed by a guy named Ryder Carroll. It is meant for rapid logging, but most importantly, it’s meant to make it your own and to work for you. So when people tell me that they don’t have time - I really do challenge them. Bullet journaling has increased my productivity and thus given me more time for other things (like playing with our puppy!).

We’ll be offering Bullet Journal workshops of our own with a complete take home kit including a Leuctturm 1970 dot grid journal — Make sure to check out our workshops page to find out about upcoming workshops!

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