One Suite a Week

One Suite a Week is a passion project that I dreamed up. I’ve been in a transitional phase with our business as we shift our offerings to include and focus on custom and semi custom wedding invitations. I have been subcontracting for Heather at Red Bicycle Paper Co. for the past several months to get my feet wet and learn the ropes as a stationery designer.

Photo Credit:  Ariana del Mundo

Photo Credit: Ariana del Mundo

Shortly after our wedding, we found out that my mom has breast cancer. This came as a complete shock to our family. You never really think that you will be directly effected by the disease until it happens to someone you love. The past little while has been challenging but with positivity and prayers, we know she will get through this.


So what does this have to do with One Suite a Week? Well I needed something to keep me busy so I didn’t fall down the rabbit hole of worrying, something to keep me motivated, something to keep me excited and creative, and of course help me build my portfolio.

Where does one even start with something like this? Well I decided to make a separate instagram account and then went through the alphabet to start as my inspiration and content point. With each letter of the alphabet I assigned a particular theme or component that related to stationery and wedding invitations.

Week one I pulled inspiration from colour and medium - A is from alcohol ink and… aqua! (both the colour and the pop band 😂 — kudos to you if you got the reference from the couples names). I played around with texture, colour and layout to create a cohesive suite and mixed it with modern typography to create a unique stylized suite.


Week two was b — Black and white. This was both challenging and fun to do. I look a step back and thought about different ways I could elevate a classic black and white suite. I decided to play around with adding a vellum overlay with modern florals attached with a gold push pin. Then I opted for a modern layout with a mix of modern typography. We also tied in a monogram for the envelope liner which was a nice added personal touch.


Next and last (but not least! stay tuned for our next post on One Suite a Week) is C for Calligraphy!!! As a calligrapher myself, I might be biased on this one… but calligraphy just adds so much elegance and personalization to any invitation suite! Calligraphy is an ancient art and has evolved and picked up popularity in the past couple years. We specialize in modern calligraphy and also teach workshops! Check out our page here for up coming workshops!

From envelope addressing, to monograms and spot calligraphy on couples names and titles are the perfect opportunity to infuse some personal touches to your invitation suite. People will ask you “what font did you use?!”and you can simply and proudly say that it’s your OWN hand lettering!


That’s it for now! If you want to follow my One Suite a Week - follow along at @OneSuiteaWeek. Inspired to start your own passion project and build your create portfolio? Tell us about it in the comments below what your wanting the challenge to be on! We’ll cheer you along on the side!


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