Planning your special day in 5 easy steps. Don't forget step 4!

We know that planning a wedding can be overwhelming and daunting but we want to make it easier on you. That’s why we’re sharing our wedding planning checklist with you!

First things first…


Pick a date

It doesn’t have to be an exact date, but start thinking about which season you’d like your wedding to be in. Have you always dreamed of a fall wedding? Then start narrowing down the year and month. From there you can start looking at which weekend might work for your special day. Pull out the calendar and keep in mind key dates, events and holidays that might fall on or around your wedding date. Will the date you picked out conflict with Thanksgiving or the Super Bowl?? These are all crucial things to think about.

Set a budget

This is one of the first couple things you should think about before you start planning all the details. There is nothing worse than planning your dream wedding only to find that you cab’t afford it. If you have already picked a date, sit down with your fiance and start working backwards. Is your wedding 1 year away? Break it down to setting aside a dollar amount each month that will help you both reach your goal. What can you afford to set aside? For us - we planned the put aside $1000 each and set up direct savings deposits in a TFSA (Tax free savings account). Together we saved $24000 in 12 month period.


Insure your engagement ring

Something that you should do as soon as possible and takes no time at all is to insure your engagement ring. You will need the details from your jeweller — typically given at the time of purchase. Most policies will cover stolen, damaged and lost rings. You might also wish to look into a guarantee plan with your jeweller. We have a protection plan with the jewellery company that covers any damage, wear or even the diamond if it happens to fall out of the setting. Keep in mind that this might include annual inspections.

Book a Ceremony and Reception Venue

Venus are always book up quickly — Some venues book years in advance! Once you have your date and budget, start looking around at different venues. It’s so important to go in person together to check out the venue to help you get a real sense of the space. Make sure to weigh out all your pros and cons including hotels in the area, how your guests will get there - is it conveniently located? Is there free parking? Is it accessible for all guests? Hiking up multiple flights of stairs might not be ideal for uncle Jim and his walker.

Start your guest list

Probably the toughest part of planning a wedding is building your guest list. Start early so that you can figure out your ball park number ASAP. Some reception venues or caterers have a minimum and maximum guest count you need to meet. Think about where you want to draw the line. Do you want to have children at your wedding? Is it an adult only affair? Are you including your great aunts uncles and extended family? Start thinking about these key questions when building your guest list.


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Ashley Giudice