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January 2019 | Month in Review

We thought that January would be a slow month. A month of learning and setting in new processes like learning how to use HoneyBook. Total disclaimer — this is a referral link that will get you 50% off — that’s $200 in savings! I would not be sharing this if I didn’t like it. Truth is, I absolutely LOVE it. It has been a total game changer in our business. From proposal, to invoice, contract, and right over to payment. It’s a smooth and simply process that let’s your client’s pay you faster and easier.

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Why I bullet journal & how it’s helped me stay accountable

I remember going to Chapters Indigo and just gushing over their cute planners - and Kate Spade have my heart. Unfortunately though - I always found myself getting stuck in that rut of not using them to their full potential. When I was working my 9-5 desk job and balancing that #sidehustlelife, I found that those conventional planners never served me well. I always found it such a challenge to cram in all the details of my own business into those tiny little weekend slots. Or going back to the back in the “notes” section to jot down my production list for the evening. Months would go by and I would have fallen off track long ago. Before I new it the year was half over and I was onto the next pretty planner convinced this one would work for me.

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