Are you searching for a unique gift idea? Are you in need of distinct business services to develop your brand?  Do you want your special day to feature unique wedding details that articulate the personalities of you and your other half?  

At Tayne & Ashley you’ll get the complementary talents of a specialized illustrator and full stack graphic designer. We love hand-crafting truly exquisite creations that are exclusive to your personal style and preferences.


custom services



Calligraphy is a classic and timeless artform that can transform a design from basic to brilliant.  Ashley is a skilled calligrapher who can customize a variety of materials to make your vision a reality.


Custom Wedding Decor

Our hand-crafted wedding décor items include custom rubber stamps, hangers, cake toppers and signage.  Work with us to customize a bold and distinctive design that will add a brilliant and unforgettable element to your special day.

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Custom Signs

Our elegant, hand-crafted signs are perfect for any occasion or location and feature delicate hand lettering detail or precise laser-cutting and etching.  We can create a unique sign with your specific design and material choices, or you can choose from our curated collection of hand-selected, vintage and modern mirrors, chalkboards, clear acrylic, back painted acrylic and frames to create your custom piece.   


Laser Cutting & Etching

We combine quality materials to create a contrast - such as warm wood elements crossed with precise cut acrylic in a variety of colours and finishes - to create stunning designs and beautiful effects.  

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Chalkboard, Mirror & Wood Lettering

We craft custom pieces on chalkboard, mirror or wood, using a variety of design practices including calligraphy, hand lettering, modern florishes/florals,  or 3D laser cutting.

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Custom Rubber Stamps

Our custom rubber stamps are designed and crafted to your unique specifications and are lovingly made with the highest quality materials.  Add your personalized touch to your upcoming mailing with a timeless Tayne & Ashley custom rubber stamp!



for businesses

Every business has a story to tell and message to convey. Let us help you reach your target audience by standing out in this competitive market. Tayne & Ashley specializes in creating custom services for businesses, including alluring logos, eye-catching illustrations and captivating website designs. Whether you are a new business in need of a unique brand to help you differentiate yourself from the crowd, or an existing brand in need of rejuvenation and new energy - we’ve got the creative spark you seek.



An eye-catching logo and cohesive brand is the best way to connect with consumers and attract new business – check out our recent work for businesses just like yours.



The overall design of a business will determine the brand you portray and the clientele you attract.  Let us help your brand develop a strategic design, including marketing material, point of sale (POS), and graphic design.


Web Design & Development

The reach of your business is only as far as your online presence! Tayne & Ashley can overhaul your existing website design or craft a custom experience specifically for you.



From calligraphy and watercolour to hand lettering and digital illustration, we’ll bring your vision to life.